Monday, July 12, 2010

Execution for intimidation of civil society

Arash Rahmanipour was a youth when he was arrested with the most of his family member including his pregnant sister on April 14, 2009. He was interrogated several times in front of his sister. By threatening his pregnant sister with torture, authorities coerced him to false confessions. His sister was acquitted after two months in prison and released, but pressures she had endured during her detention caused her miscarriage.

Mr. Rahmanipour appeared in the court and at first he announced that he won't speak without his lawyer in a show trial and behind camera. His lawyer was right behind of door, authorities didn't permit her to attend in the court session. Intelligence officers put pressure on his father, and threatened him to prison if his son refuses to cooperate. The dad goes to the son and ask him to cooperate and falsely confess, based on the deal that they had with intelligence officers.

Judge Salavati sentenced Mr. Arash Rahmanipour to death penalty for waging war against God (Moharebeh), being member of armed groups and trying to topple the Islamic establishment.

His lawyer, Mrs. Setoodeh appealed to Supreme Court but little she know, authorities executed Mr. Arash Rahmanipour and Mr. Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani on Thursday January 28, 2010. Their families and lawyers heard the news from TV until then they have not been informed about the outcome of appeal court, let alone execution time.

His lawyer, Mrs. Setoodeh only meet her client for only once and for 15 minutes since he was arrested and until his sentence was carried out.

The state-own news agency, ISNA, reported that they have been executed because of their participation in following the post-election protests. But the fact of the matter is, Mr. Rahmanipour was arrested two months before presidential election and he was in prison.

They basically punished Mr. Arash Rahmanipour and Mr. Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani to death before even they actually commit a crime. These executions are only for intimidation of civil society.


I copied their execution news from ISNA state-own news agency. They might delete or alter it at anytime: