Thursday, May 7, 2009

Secret Execution of Delara Darabi

I am used to hear and touched by atrocities and everyday violation of human rights in Iran, I know I shouldn’t be but in past 30 years hearing bad news after another bad news, almost never ending bad news, kinda make you expect to hear worse news but I was so shocked about Delara’s execution that I couldn’t write anything since Friday, May 01.

Friday is weekend in Iran and they don’t execute people on weekends but seems they arranged lots of exceptions for Delara’s case like they didn’t inform her lawyer and her family and executed her while Iranian head of judiciary suspended her execution for about 2 months.

Authorities intentionally executed her with this secrecy and manner to avoid protests for saving her life. Her trial was unfair and Iranian judiciary refused to review her case despite of new evidences that brought forward by her lawyer later on:

  • According to Iranian police evidences, crime committed by a right-hand person but she was left-hand person.
  • Even Iranian police didn’t provide fingerprints from the knife that she supposedly used to kill.
  • She actually took blame for the crime to protect her boyfriend, believing that as a juvenile she would not face hanging. Later on, she insisted that she didn’t kill anyone but authorities have ignored her during past 6 years.

That was very sad ending when she called home at 7 am and said “Oh, mom, they are going to hang me. I see the hangman's rope. Please save me mom. I want to speak to dad. I want to see you dad. for god sake, save me" Moments later a prison official snatched the handset away and yelled "we will easily execute your daughter and you can’t do anything about it”. Even they didn’t give her right to meet her family for the last time.

And I have been sad, upset, angry, angry, angry...

She is a second juvenile offender executed so far this year and at least 130 juvenile offenders sentenced to death are awaiting execution in Iran.