Saturday, January 31, 2009

Convert to Christian Couple Arrested, Tortured and Threatened

Tina Rad beaten and interrogated
by security police forces

On June 3 2008, a newly converted Christian couple was arrested by police for holding Bible studies with Muslims in their home and attending a house church. Security police forces tortured them and threatened to put their 4-year-old daughter in an institution after arresting them for holding Bible studies and attending a house church.

28 year old Tina Rad was charged with “activities against the holy religion of Islam for reading the Bible with Muslims in her home in east Tehran and trying to convert them". Officials charged her husband, 31 year old Makan Arya, with “activities against national security” after seizing the couple from their home and forcing them to leave their 4 year old daughter ill and unattended.

Authorities kept them in an unknown jail for four days, which left them badly bruised from beatings. Eventually the couple was pressured into signing a statement claiming they had not changed their religion from Islam and promising that they would stay away from their house church and other Christians.

Rad was released on bail of US$30,000, and her husband was freed on payment of US$20,000. “The next time there may also be an apostasy charge, if you don’t stop with your Jesus,” a female security police officer told Rad during interrogation. Under Iran’s strict Islamic laws, Muslims who convert from Islam to another religion can be executed.

Unfortunately Iranian police forces abuse their power and fabricate charges like drug trafficking, insulting prophet, insulting religious leaders and et cetera on victims specially prisoners of conscience. They beat you to the point that you will say and you will do whatever they ask for and they will want you to confess on things that you haven’t done, they will ask you to do things that is against your will and untrue but under severe torture, victim just doesn’t have any other option like Tina and Makan in this case.

Please watch the following video from 2:13 to listen to her story about problems after conversion to Christianity:

Hat tips: The voice of the Martyrs