Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stoning in Iran

This video is very graphic but in order to present you one of the brutal facts of Sharia law in Islamic republic of Iran, having this video is essential. Please watch following video at your own discretion:

Execution by stoning or lapidation, in Persian language called Sangsar.

What is really execution by stoning?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oath of judges in Iran

Judiciary in Iran is chronically corrupted, so the judges. The necessity of being Judge is to be fair and impartial. These are missing qualities in judges in Iran. There are many reasons for that but one of them is in their oath. Let's for once read "oath of judge" in Iran:

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Oath letter

I, as a judge, in the presence of the Holy Qur'an and before Iranian nation, swear to omnipotent God to follow the Prophet of Islam and the sacred Imams, peace be upon them, and seeking help of the spirits of the martyrs of Islam, guard justice and righteous, and undertake upon my human dignity to be diligent in seeking the truth and justice, administer Islamic justice to demand from oppressor and restore it to its owner and with sustained effort in Judicial position fulfill my obligation to Islamic republic with strengthening the foundations of the Islamic republic and supporting The Leader.

Name and surname

As it is crystal clear in above oath, the obligation of the judge in Islamic Iran would be "strengthening the foundations of the Islamic Republic and supporting The Leader". This judge is dependent to Islamic establishment, he is influenced by establishment and he is affiliation is Islam and The Leader, not independent view.

From my point of view, a judge has only one obligation and that is justice.

Oath of judges in Iran in Persian language

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stop Stoning!

Avvaz team put together a camping to stop stoning. I couldn't say it better:

Yesterday an Iranian woman, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, was saved by global protests from being stoned to death.

But she may still be hanged -- and, meanwhile, execution by stoning continues. Right now fifteen more people are on death row awaiting stoning in which victims are buried up to their necks in the ground and then large rocks are thrown at their heads.

The partial reprieve of Sakineh, triggered by the call from her children for international pressure to save her life, has shown that if enough of us come together and voice our horror, we may be able to save her life, and stop stoning once and for all. Sign the urgent petition now and send it onto everyone you know -- let's end this cruel slaughter NOW

Sakineh was convicted of adultery, like all the other 12 women and one of the men awaiting stoning. But her children and lawyer say she is innocent and that she did not get a fair trial -- they state her confession was forced from her and, speaking only Azerbaijani, she did not understand what was being asked of her in court. 

Despite Iran's signing of a UN convention that requires the death penalty only be used for the "most serious crimes" and despite the Iranian Parliament passing a law banning stoning last year, stoning for adultery continues. 

Sakineh's lawyer says the Iranian government "is afraid of Iranian public reaction and international attention" to the stoning cases. And after Turkey and Britain's Foreign Ministers spoke out against Sakineh's sentence, it was suspended. 

Sakineh's brave children are leading the international campaign to save their mother and stop stoning. Massive international condemnation now could finally stop this sickening punishment. Let's join together today across the world to end this brutality. Sign the petition to save Sakineh and end stoning here.

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is saved from stoning for now but she may still be hanged. There are other fifteen more people awaiting death by stoning. Let's stop this horrifying form of punishment once for all.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Execution for intimidation of civil society

Arash Rahmanipour was a youth when he was arrested with the most of his family member including his pregnant sister on April 14, 2009. He was interrogated several times in front of his sister. By threatening his pregnant sister with torture, authorities coerced him to false confessions. His sister was acquitted after two months in prison and released, but pressures she had endured during her detention caused her miscarriage.

Mr. Rahmanipour appeared in the court and at first he announced that he won't speak without his lawyer in a show trial and behind camera. His lawyer was right behind of door, authorities didn't permit her to attend in the court session. Intelligence officers put pressure on his father, and threatened him to prison if his son refuses to cooperate. The dad goes to the son and ask him to cooperate and falsely confess, based on the deal that they had with intelligence officers.

Judge Salavati sentenced Mr. Arash Rahmanipour to death penalty for waging war against God (Moharebeh), being member of armed groups and trying to topple the Islamic establishment.

His lawyer, Mrs. Setoodeh appealed to Supreme Court but little she know, authorities executed Mr. Arash Rahmanipour and Mr. Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani on Thursday January 28, 2010. Their families and lawyers heard the news from TV until then they have not been informed about the outcome of appeal court, let alone execution time.

His lawyer, Mrs. Setoodeh only meet her client for only once and for 15 minutes since he was arrested and until his sentence was carried out.

The state-own news agency, ISNA, reported that they have been executed because of their participation in following the post-election protests. But the fact of the matter is, Mr. Rahmanipour was arrested two months before presidential election and he was in prison.

They basically punished Mr. Arash Rahmanipour and Mr. Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani to death before even they actually commit a crime. These executions are only for intimidation of civil society.


I copied their execution news from ISNA state-own news agency. They might delete or alter it at anytime:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Horrific execution scenes in Iran

I want you to watch following photos and think for a minute. Do you see anything wrong on these photos?

You do not need to be a philosopher to understand that there is something morally wrong here. These photos are disturbing facts that a society goes through. I am thinking and asking myself, what are the consequence of these horrific scenes on the society? on the kid and youth watching these executions on the streets that they will be walking home everyday? on young and adult that read everyday news of executions on newspapers?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Execution figures in Islamic Iran, 2009 and past

We do not have official statistics on executions in Islamic republic of Iran because Iran does not disclose such stats and keep it secret. There is a common consensus that true figure is very much higher so Iranian authorities wouldn't publish it. According to Amnesty International records Iran after China carried out the most executions in the world.

Islamic republic of Iran execution figures:

2009:   388+ people
2008:   346   people
2007:   317   people
2006:   177   people
2005:   94     people

These figures collated by various human rights organizations.